October 3, 2023
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ok recently for a couple days i really pigged out, i was camping, and i was eating junk food every hour non stop, really greasy and salty foods. unhealthy. when i got back home i only gained half a pound!! the next day all i had to eat was a bowl of cereal, half a grapfruit, yogurt, lots of water and a small portion of potatos and chicken. and when i checked next morning i had gained a pound! i was quite annoyed. why would this happen??
your body can flux in weight up to 5 pounds. which means chaecking your weight on a day to day basis and seeing this fluxuation does not mean that you have actually put on this much weight.

It is best if you are to weight yourself daily to do it at the same time every day. do not eat right before bed. and to only really look at weight differences once every 7 days.

Remember that your body has water weight, food stored in the G.I. tract, and fat. All of these flux on a moment to moment basis.

hope this helps..
maybe all that junk food caught up with you?
on the number of calories
Cuz the foods you ate the healthy day weigh more...kinda obvious actually, but yeah, it is kinda annoying. Anyway, that doesn't mean those foods have more calories, it just means they weigh more. Fattier foods have higher "energy density" more calories per gram in fat than in protein or carb, so the foods with a lot of fat won't weigh much immediately, but they do have more calories in the long run. The weight from the healthy day was probably mostly just water-weight.
It takes time for food to absorb into your system, digested for nutrition, stored as fat or discarded as weight. This is why weighing yourself on a daily basis is very misleading, because the fluxuations you experience would most likely be cause by fluid intake, retention or disposal.

All that pigging out you did will add the pounds in about a week, unless you start exercising to get your metabolism working so the fat will be burned off instead of hidding on your hips. Unlike food, lots of liquids will have an almost immediate effect on your weight.