March 29, 2017
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Vitamin A: Prevents the formation of wrinkles and counteract the harmful effects of the Sun.Vitamin B1: It reduces dark circles and swelling in the eyelids and delay premature aging.Vitamin B2: Reduces the secretion of fat in face, which prevents the emergence of mud, shins and black spots.Vitamin B3: Strengthens the hair fibers, protects the collagen and blood vessels, moisturizes the skin and blocks the harmful effects of sunlight.Vitamin B5: Regenerates and moisturize the skin.Vitamin B6: It balances sebum production in the skin and fat prevents the outbreak of mud and shins.Vitamin B8: Softens the skin and protects the seborrhea (overproduction of sebum in the scalp).Vitamin C: Returns luminosity to the skin, improves elasticity, refined texture, fades stains your skin tone and uniform.Vitamin E: Counteracts the aging of the skin.Vitamin F: It helps restore the protective barrier of the skin.Vitamin H: Stimulates the production of natural fatty acids, helping to give a glow to the face.Vitamin K: Improving the look of fur with red zones.As you can see, we have large variety of vitamins that can keep the skin soft and beautiful, so there are no excuses to neglect it, you would appreciate it and you look more attractive.
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