March 25, 2014
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Getting Percocet Prescription from a Physician

If you under some pain when over the counter pills and syrups are not enough to experience a relief, talk to your doctor about a Percocet prescription. It is also common to get one after a procedure involving surgery or an injury.

Following this, a physician or physical therapist will write you an RX as you leave the hospital. In those settings, you may commonly be dosed with these or similar narcotics intravenously at bedside.


Why Do I Need A Prescription to Buy Percocet Medication?

Schedule II and III substances are highly monitored and controlled by the DEA. This is because there are a number of inherent issues surround them, such as:


        Illegal trafficking



        Prison Sentencing


        Detoxification centers

        Education programs in schools

        Advertising campaigns.



They then consequently become expensive, since there are very rigid rules to follow to make sure all these occurrences are limited. The chemical make-up is easy and cheap to synthesize, but all these things need to be factored in pricing and buying Percocet from drugstore.

Also, because they are heavy duty narcotics, they end up on a database. They are national patient databases which insurance companies then survey, especially prior to deciding to give you insurance.


Do Online Stores Require An RX for Percocet?

If it is an authentic, licensed pharmacy, then a prescription is required in order to purchase the medication of any Percocet dosage. There are, however, certain sites that operate as rogue, gray market pharmacies and should be avoided at all costs.

10 mg/ 325 mg Percocet may definitely cost less per pill, but can be expired, phony or a lower dose. The thing is, you ultimately never know, since there are no tests needed to pass and no government overseeing the production.

If you have an RX though, most pharmacies simply require a faxed version of it and may call your hospital to verify it. Once it is shipped, the mail courier will need you to sign that it is yours, inspect your identification to prevent it getting into unwarranted hands.


Am I Guaranteed Access to Percocet Prescription Medicine?

There are some contraindications, which mean reasons why you will not be permitted to use the substance in the doctor's opinion. They may be related to how you old you are, as well as how your organs function.

Since the heart and lungs become at varying levels depressed, those with poor or slow respiratory or circulatory function are poor candidates. These conditions are at times hereditary, or come from excess weight etc.

Percocet prescriptions may not be the best idea for those with substance abuse histories. This includes alcohol since it does work well combined, leading to overdoses or death.

However, even for chronic or acute pain, a doctor may prescribe lower doses, or alternatives that may work better. Also, if you have allergies to certain inactive components, it is wise to seek an alternative prescription from your physician.


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