March 25, 2014
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How to Purchase Hydrocodone from Licensed Drugstore Online

Most opiates are only available if you have a prescription. Although it is contained in cough syrup, which is over the counter, most other forms of Hydrocodone are illegal without it. An authorized internet pharmacy allows purchasing Hydrocodone medication if you have a real RX prescription given to you by a physician, therapist or other specialist.

Sadly, there are corrupt individuals in the medical field that accept bribes for prescriptions, particularly high dosage ones, but is extremely unethical.

DEA Recognition of Pain Relief Hydrocodone Medicine

Currently, Hydrocodone pills are put into a class of narcotics of Schedule III if it's less than 15 milligrams each tablet, and Schedule II if more. This means that if you have the script for 10 mg / 325 mg Hydrocodone Acetaminophen Oral but have a pill dosed at 20 mg, you can face penalties. This is because the stronger capsules are frequently abused and are more commonly found on the black market.

Because of both the physical dependence as well as wish to get high, people are known forge signatures as well as even rob drugstore to get the medicine.

Unfortunately, there are websites across international borders that can get away with selling the substance to further fuel the underground market. So not only do more narcotics flood the streets, but reports have shown that these tablets contained highly toxic compounds known to endanger the user.


New Regulations on Ordering Hydrocodone Pills

Currently, the US Senate is trying to rewrite a bill that would put all medicines that contain Hydrocodone as Schedule II. This means that updated RX's need to be made after each refill as opposed to a multiple week or month treatment, or automatic refilling.

Many drugstore managers are opposed to this new proposal since they feel it adds unnecessary stress and difficulty in acquisition of real patients. Because the individual needs to visit a clinic for every refill, they may be stuck in pain for longer periods, especially if there are complications along the way, such as scheduling.

Pharmaceutical stores would also need to up the costs, because they will pay more in management and creating more barriers for patients.


Hydrocodone Tablets Purchases on Internet

This may also cause a burden for those that depend on getting narcotics off the internet. Since one relies on getting pills in the mail much more regularly with the recent proposals, there is an increased probability of needing to pay more and possibly expect delays or lost mail.

It will also cause an upsurge in the popularity of rogue pharmacies that are known to send out bad products to users. Since the operations are illegal but hard to detect and track, they find ways and means of selling no prescription Hydrocodone which is dangerous.

Identity theft, credit card fraud, poor quality or lowered dose tablets as well as overdose and death are reported constantly. More and more people in the medical field feel that this internet phenomena needs to be curbed more so than the new laws that are being put into place.


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